Away to Midnapore

I was in Midnapore today — not India. This Anglican church (St. Paul’s) is the one of the very oldest buildings still standing in Calgary. My friend Iona’s family arrived here from England in 1885 and ran the post office for awhile. The family story goes that they spun the globe and decided to name their new home for the place where it stopped spinning … Midnapore.

I wonder how Mr. Shaw — who died in 1919 — would feel if he could see how Calgary now surrounds the church that was built so long ago.

The second church is St. Patrick’s, built in 1904 (Catholic). It was built by John Glenn’s son, Patrick. Father Lacombe served in that parish, so you’re surrounded by car dealerships, flower shops, business parks, and incredibly, history.

It’s good fun being a tourist in my own city (especially for this homebody who likes her own pillow o’ nights). I’m not sure what happened to the exposure but I ended up looking quite wraithlike myself!!

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