stormy weather

My neighbours already think I’m an odd girl, so I went for my walk anyway. No need to worry about appearances at this point!

There’s a strange rain/snow combo at the moment and you can be sure that I had the walking paths to myself (and blackbirds, robins and larks).

In other places in southern Alberta it’s a white out, and I know that storm is coming our way, too. The reason farm girls like me are happy about this is because we had a borderline drought here last year. Whilst there’s time for the crops, if the grass doesn’t get a shot of moisture at this point, it never really catches up and pastures and hay for the cattle get hard to come by.

Apparently, my great-grandfather was known for saddling up his horse and riding around during storms, so maybe I take after him. And, I had to haul firewood so the kitties and I can have a cosy night and morning tomorrow, whatever we wake up to! #snow #rain #springtimeinalberta

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