five reasons you should come on my awesome jane’s walk

  1. The East Hills development now borders the eastern edge of Calgary but did you know that more than one hundred years ago a little community called Victoria Square existed here? Learn about towns such as Weno and Hubalta that predate the communities of Applewood and Penbrooke!
  2. Please note this will be a long walk (about a 3.5 km loop) so you will be getting exercise as well as storytelling and a history lesson!
  3. Do you know who Ernest Cashiel is? After this Jane’s Walk, you will be a local history insider as you learn about the American outlaw who was accused of murder and on the run for his life. Local historians who are “in the know” know all about the young man whose adventures terrorized southern Alberta in 1903. Did the Mounties get their man? And how does his story connect to Elliston Park? Come along and find out!
  4. A football player, a soldier who fought at Vimy Ridge, a dairy farmer and two little girls who lost their parents … meet the locals who called this area home!
  5. Those amazing inner city walks are awesome of course … but good luck getting parking! Elliston Park has loads of free parking
    — we are meeting at the main entrance off of 17th Avenue and 60th Street SE (look for the tall windmill).

Feedback from participants from previous years:

“I highly recommend it!!”

“I went last year. I highly recommend it!”

” 10/10, would walk again.”

If you want to read more, you can click here! And, if you’re curious about the story of Devil’s Playground, please check out my interview on CBC’s The Homestretch!

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