that historic western canadian shed

Here’s another nominee for Calgary’s oldest building. This one dates to 1876 and is believed to be the oldest structure still standing on its original site.

Guiding tours for Europeans can be really unrewarding; you reveal your oldest OLDEST building.

Annnnnnnnnnd, it’s basically a shed.

And they live in a house in Scotland or Germany that’s older than that.

I however feel quite enchanted by this little place. When the NWMP “Originals” arrived in what is now Calgary in 1875, Cecil Denny described the area as being “black with buffalo.” Can you imagine witnessing a massive herd like that?

Look as far to the north as you can, look as far to the south as you can. That herd is a mile wide and it passes you for an hour. You can hear it long before you can see it, in the ground, trembling up through your feet. You would see it only once and never, ever forget it.

Even more incredible, a little more than five years later, those herds would be absolutely gone.

So, it’s a nice little place for a bit of a wander and daydream.

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